How to Speed Up My Internet Connection?

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The way we are so dependent on the internet today in our daily lives, it has become almost impossible to live with a slow internet speed. In fact, some people would agree that a slow itinerant connection is much worse than no internet at all. Slow speeds are the worst kind of patience testers. They frustrate you, get in the flow of your work, and also ruin experiences like watching and streaming videos.

Slow internet speeds are not uncommon. Almost everywhere in the world people have to deal with slow internet speeds, regardless of which ISP they are using. Yes, some ISPs do have a poor network quality, but sometimes the issue is much more than just that. 

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, then you can fix the issue yourself. 

Why Is My Internet Connection So Slow?

Insufficient data cap to meet your need

It is possible that you subscribed to your internet plan years ago and are still using it. In the recent past, we needed many different levels, and lower speeds to accommodate all our usage. Streaming Netflix, using BitTorrent, streaming games, scrolling through social media – all of this was not as common and frequent as it is now. Therefore, an internet package with a low data cap can be the first and foremost important reason behind the lagging connection in your home today. Your advanced tech and devices such as iPhones and Smart TVs need greater bandwidth and internet speeds. 

If you are worried about high prices or availability, then you will be glad to hear that many major ISPs packages such as Spectrum packages are quite affordable. They have a range of bundles starting from different prices, with flexible contracts and in some cases no contracts as well. You just need to do some research. 

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Strangers are using your internet 

Sometimes, when there is too much load and traffic on an internet connection, it slows down your internet.  However, this could be happening without your knowledge. Your Wi-Fi security may be weak and some strangers or even people in your neighborhood could have signed in to your network and might be using it right under your nose. As a result, even with the right data caps, you cannot seem to get stable internet speeds in your home or office. 

Area power outage or maintenance work

For cable internet connections, you must be aware of any power outages that have occurred in your area that could possibly affect your internet speeds. Power outages are most common in and weather conditions such as Hurricanes, tornados, and floods. These usually damage cables, which affects your internet. 

Not only this, but your ISP could have slowed down the speed or even shut off their system for maintenance purposes. Ideally, ISPs inform their users about this outage beforehand, but it is possible that you did receive any notification or missed the message. 

Malware and virus

Our laptops are extremely skeptical of malware and viruses, considering the load of browsing we do all throughout the internet downloading all sorts of content and even streaming videos online. If you are sure you did not download anything from a risky website, it is possible that other users of the same laptop or computer, such as your kids, downloaded something. Check with the other users of the device to find out if there is such a possibility. 

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How To Speed Up My Internet Connection?

Before you can go ahead and implement some of the following methods for fixing your internet speed, make sure you have understood the cause of the problem. 

Make sure you use reliable platforms such as buytvinternetphone to subscribe to a reliable provider that can provide you with good customer care. Sometimes downloading antivirus or implementing the cleanup properly can be difficult. In such times, having professional assistance to understand the problem and fix it can be really important. 

Check how the internet is being used

If you have a whole family using the internet, chances are that too many devices are putting a lot of load on the internet. Downloading a movie or uploading heavy files may be a good example. Try shutting these tasks down if they are not important. If not, then upgrading to a new internet plan is the best option. 


VPNs add an extra layer of protection to your connection. This makes the signal travel through the layers slower than usual. The way to fix this is to buy a faster VPN such as ExpressVPN so that it doesn’t hinder the internet speed. 

Location of router

If your router is placed too far away from where you are using the internet, then relocating is the best choice. 

Better Wi-Fi security

Redo your Wi-Fi security settings, change its passwords, and inquire your ISP about more security measures you can take to keep all strangers and leeches out.

A Sum Up

Say goodbye to slow internet and poor resolution streaming with these quick fixes. If you can’t seem to find your way around the slow speed issue, the last choice is to contact your ISP or replace them with a different one. 

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