How to Save On Internet and Cable Bills?

How to Save On Internet and Cable Bills

Are you tired of increasing monthly costs for internet and cable, and looking for ways to save some bucks every month? Internet and cable bills contribute a lot towards increasing monthly costs because both of these services combined cost you more than $120 easily and this cost keeps rising instead of coming down.

The main reason for that is once the introductory price period or promotional period is over, the prices start increasing and go to regular prices. For instance, a customer who was previously paying $100 for the services might start paying $130 once the introductory period is over and from there, the prices will keep going up after some time.

That means you will have to figure out how to reduce these prices instead of just complaining about frequent price increases. And to make it possible for you, we have figured out a few ways you can save on your internet and cable bills every month. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Get Your Equipment

The first option that we have on this list is getting your equipment instead of leasing from your service provider. Mostly what happens is, people, get equipment such as modem and router from their service provider and pay $10-$15 every month for this although this is not necessary. Instead, you can get your modem and router and save that amount every month. In the long run, that $10-$15 every month adds up to $120-$180 every year.

Now If you have services for supposedly three years, you would have paid $360-$540 during that time just for equipment & that amount can be saved very easily. Some providers such as Charter Spectrum offer you a free modem with internet services. In that case, you can use your router and get the modem for free.

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Similarly, Cable service cost increases substantially when we add in more cable boxes where each box costs about $10 every month. That means you will be paying $40 for boxes if you have 4 TV in the house. One option to avoid these charges is to go for TV streaming apps with Smart TV’s that are provided by the majority of good providers. Through the streaming app, you can watch live TV by downloading that app on your smart TV or phone. As a result, you can get rid of additional boxes and save on your monthly charges.

Switch Your Plan

The second option to save on your monthly cable and internet services is to switch your plan. This option is useful for people who have signed up for premium plans either to watch just one specific premium channel or just for the sake of having those channels to watch whenever they feel like doing so and don’t necessarily need those channels. Similarly, some people get the fastest download speeds, despite hardly using the internet whenever they are home. All these scenarios can cost hundreds of dollars on yearly basis.

To save that amount, you can switch your plan to a lower tier that works fine for you. For instance, instead of having the 1Gig download speed, you can go for 400-600 Mbps which will work well as it is also a fast speed range. Moreover, if you need one specific channel, try to get those channels added manually to your plan instead of paying for the whole upper tier bundle. Doing so will cut your costs by $10-$40 at the very least which is a huge saving on monthly basis.

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Negotiate with Your Service Provider

The third option which can help you with saving money is negotiating and discussing with your service provider. You can give a call to customer service and talk to them about increasing the monthly charges that you are paying every month. Possibly they will be able to help you out and figure out a way to decrease your monthly charges without affecting your services that much.

Otherwise, every provider has a retention department that is there to keep people from leaving or canceling the services. Let the customer service guy know that you need to speak to the retention department. When they connect you over, tell them that you are tired of paying this much money every month for the services and if you do not find a better deal, you will cancel services without any hesitation. The retention department will be able to offer you some deal to stick with the provider. As a result, you will either be returned to your promotional pricing or they will recommend a specific plan as per your needs to cut the costs.

Remove Unnecessary Services

Another option to save money is to remove unnecessary services with your plan. For instance, people tend to get whole bundle deals without even using all the services just because that would be saving them a few bucks on the internet. That in turn, increases the overall price because you are getting more services such as getting phone service with cable and internet.

That phone service, if removed, can save you more than $10 every month without affecting your internet or cable TV. So, if you are doing something similar, get rid of those extra services and save on your monthly charges.

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Final Verdict

No one hates saving money and when that can be done easily, that is bliss. However, some of these methods can be hard for you. You might not want to switch to streaming instead of boxes or changing the plan might not be a feasible thing for you as you love all your channels and watch everything.

So, before doing any of these, evaluate your needs and prioritize, and make sure this is what you want to do. On the other hand, talking to your provider can be a better option but that would require you to do some research and figure details of what you would like to discuss and how you would bring them to change your price to a lower rate.

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