7 Best Mac Apps For Teachers

apps for teachers

Schools are fully taking advantage of technology. Most schools in various countries have become paperless. They are embracing the use of educational applications. These applications have positively impacted the education sector.

Teachers can teach and guide long-distance students. They are able to perform a number of functions. Students can virtually hold group discussions and meetings. These apps have transformed the education sector.

Learning has become enjoyable and fascinating. Schoolwork is now easier to comprehend. These educational apps have myriads of benefits.

Below is a handpicked list of the Best Mac Apps for Teachers;


ScreenBrush free download for Mac

Good teaching requires visual presentation like drawings. A drawing gives students a better understanding. It also improves their imagination. However, teachers find it hard to include drawings. This is because they lack the right tools.

Here is where the ScreenBrush app comes in. It is an application that aids in the drawing. It enables you to delete, and duplicate drawings on your screen.

To make matters more interesting, teachers can assign shortcuts to perform these actions. The app got you covered on all issues related to drawings.

The app has several interesting tools. They include; Hand and Scissors, Ghost Mode, and many more. 

If you need the drawings on canvas, ScreenBrush got you sorted. It enables you to create snapshots. Snapshots can be exported in graphic formats like PSD and PDF.

The app’s features include; Color Wheel to adjust color, Semi-Transparent Drawing, Quick tour, etc. ScreenBrush is a good drawing app.

Split Screen Ultimate

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Multi-tasking is essential, especially in this era. Teachers need to simultaneously prepare lesson plans, grade tests and assign homework. The scenario arises where teachers want to save on time to boost productivity.

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Thankfully, we have the Split Screen Ultimate application. It is an app that enables the splitting and restoring of windows. It does this by use of window snapping features and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Split Screen Ultimate enables teachers to perform several tasks at the same time. The app enables the comparison of documents. It has both vertical and horizontal split options.

You can always add another screen as the app supports dual monitors. Utilizing the dual monitor support is very easy due to automatic direct resizing.

Split Screen has tons of exciting features. They include; Three Parts Splitting, 10 More Ways to Split, and many more. All these features are well-organized and straightforward. 

To sweeten things up, Split Screen Ultimate offers multilingual support. Teachers all over the world will be able to utilize it.

Plan Your Schedule


Planning is a vital aspect of teaching. Teachers have to plan their lessons, assignments, and examinations. Planning helps keep things in order.

Plan your Schedule is a planning app. It facilitates the management of timetables, the creation of schedules, and the arrangement of classes. In a nutshell, the app helps teachers plan their work.

If you need to calculate incomes and color customize lessons, this app is just right for you. Plan Your Schedule app is a good way for teachers to control their professional life.

My Lesson Plan Pro


My Lesson Plan Pro is an app that facilitates the creation and customization of lesson plans. Teachers can create lesson plans according to their personal preferences and school requirements.

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What’s exciting about the app is that you can dictate lesson plans virtually with no typing. It is because the app has the latest iOS and iPads. If you wish, you can email lesson plans or even print them.

To add more, My Lesson Plan Pro allows you to sort lesson plans by subject, topic, and grade. It is a pretty cool teacher’s app. 


GradingCalc free download for Mac

Grading is vital in education. It enables students to take charge of their learning. However, the process of grading multiple students can be hectic. Especially if done manually. The good news is you can utilize the GradingCalc app. It enables the calculation of student’s grades.

All you have to do is input the points gained or lost into the app. It then calculates the overall percentage, total points, and lost points. To calculate the following paper, click reset.

Scoring is attainable in two modes. You can utilize the lost or gained points. If you select the lost points mode, the points are deducted from the total score. In gain points mode the points are added from zero.

GradingCalc app is a very accurate app with a wonderful design. 

Class Planner 2


Class Planner 2 is an app that allows teachers to keep a record of their lesson plans. We are all aware of how easy it is to lose recordings of stuff.

The app allows teachers to; move lesson plans, check on notes, generate lesson PDFs, etc. The color-coding feature is just on point. It helps teachers track lessons.

The app is just on another level. It enables teachers to create standards for each lesson. The teacher’s motivation and ambition are greatly improved. Class Planner 2 is a direct app that has comprehendible features.

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Teaching is all about managing and proper utilization of time. Lessons have durations and exams have time limits. In a nutshell, the entire education system operates on a schedule.

TeacherTimer is a great app that tracks time during class sessions. It is specifically designed for classrooms. The app enables teachers to take control of their class time. They are able to know when to stop teaching or when to move on to another topic.

The app has various unique features. The features enable the display of the timer on a second screen, live adjustments, the addition of optional titles, etc.

TeacherTimer app has a friendly user interface and is easy to utilize.    


These apps are essential to all kinds of teachers. They are applicable in all types of different institutions. Teachers should maximize the use of these apps. They guarantee; improved productivity, manageability, and control.

Moreover, these apps improve the teacher-student relationship. Students are able to relay their views and opinions without fear. Teachers, in turn, can clearly understand their students.

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