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10 Tips to Create killer Animated Videos that Converts

Animated videos

So finally, you have decided to create polished and appealing videos to impress your audience. You might have realized that 60-90 seconds of animated video can do wonders. It will explain not only complex concepts with ease but also engage potential customers and move them down the sales funnel. 

Capturing audience attention is one thing but retaining them on your site is another. Well! That’s where animated videos come into play. Through videos, you can share both verbal and visual information to the audience that can easily be digested at once. That’s why organizations hire the best animation video production company to create memorable content that stands out from the rest. 

Animated videos are powerful yet tricky. If you want to get awesome videos, you need to follow some specific tips. By producing videos by keeping some norms in mind that will allow you to release your video as opera your business requirements. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s have a look at a few things that you have to follow while processing the video production process. 

Tips to produce an awesome animated video 

Let’s begin…

Set proper goals 

Whenever you plan to create a video, the first thing you need to do is to set your goal. “What do you want to achieve?” If you get an answer to this question, then you can easily create a video that will capture the audience’s attention and inspire them to visit your site. 

Of Course, you can have more than one goal, but make sure it should not exceed three. Adding more concepts in one video will only distract the audience. So, if you want people to take action on your video, try to make multiple videos instead of clubbing too many concepts into one. 

Create appealing script 

Another tip that will help you upgrade your video quality is its script. It would not be wrong to consider script as the backbone of your video. If the foundation of your video is strong, then you can easily hit your targets.

Whenever you proceed with scriptwriting, try to give a personal touch to the content, like you add stories, examples, etc., that visitors can relate to. Try to explain the concept that everyone can understand.

Before you start writing, spend some time brainstorming. It will help you to think differently and allow you to fill your video with creative content and stay on track. 

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If your script covers all these three concepts- What is the problem, Why the problem is occurring, and How it will be resolved, then you can easily win the audience’s heart within less than a minute. 

Knowing your target audiences

Before creating or collaborating with any video marketing companies, you need to identify your target audience.

In order to determine your target audience, you must know the market that you are going to target for selling your services/products; you cannot communicate your work to your audience if you don’t know who they are.

Knowing the target audience becomes crucial for everyone as it gives them the exact approach that they should be taking. When you are trying to understand who your target audience is, you will know their expectations, requirements, and their approach to the sellers.

Starting from demographic aspects to psychological aspects of the audience, you must determine how the audiences approach the market in a specific location. Once you have obtained sufficient knowledge about their looks, styles, interests, hobbies, issues, attitudes, etc., you can efficiently strategize your approach towards them. This will help you in dominating the market at ease.

Choosing the style of the explainer videos

Once you know who your target audience is and what their expectations are, you can easily pick the best style of the explainer videos that work for them.

Although finding the right style for creating an explainer video might be complicated; however, it helps you to drive the attention of the target audience quickly.

You can make use of the best platforms that offer different styles to create an explainer video that matches your marketing objectives and meets the expectations of your target audiences.

Once you have selected the right style, you can start creating your video by making it more interactive and communicative for your audience.

Try to use a clean background

Lighting is another element that directly affects the quality of your video. If your lighting is not perfect in your video, then it will not only look amateurish but also affects your brand reputation. 

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Usually, lighting is considered at the time of the live shooting, but when we talk about animated videos, background plays a great role. If your background is distracting and messy, then it will affect the quality of your entire video. 

So, if you want your video to look professional and appealing, then you prefer using a solid background. Also, try to ignore filming with a reflective surface or window. It will make the object look darker.

Creating shorter-length videos

According to experts, creating shorter-length useful videos will help you in getting the attention of the target audience quickly. Some experts state that the less time you speak about your products or services, the probability of remembering things by the people increases.

Remember that you are not describing your product or service sophistically or giving a presentation to your audience. 

You are creating a video that offers an overview of what your company does and how it works for the development of the people. So, coming up with a script that is not more than 500 to 600 words will help you in creating a shorter-length video.

Using professional tone

When you want to use explainer video marketing tactics to promote your product or service in the market, you need to ensure that the audio quality of the video is spectacular. You cannot upload a video on social media platforms that have poor sound quality.

Using polish and a good delivery tone of voice in the video will help you in gaining the trust of the people quickly. Make sure that you get in touch with the best voice-over artist who can deliver a professional tone in the video.

Therefore, it becomes essential for you to invest in a professional talent to create an impactful explainer video.

Having fun and adding some humor

When you are creating an explainer video, it is also necessary for you to make it more engaging and interactive. Merely speaking about your product without making it enjoyable won’t help you in gaining the trust of your audience.

Adding creativity, making it interactive, engaging, and including fun elements in the video will help you in attracting more audiences to watch it. Therefore, when you can make people smile with your videos, that’s when you earn their trust. So, it becomes easier for you to sell your products and services to happy people.

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It’s also essential for you to keep having fun and not focusing just on selling your products and services to the people. So, try to have some fun in the video that looks authentic to the people too.

Work on Camera with Presence

Do you know that the way you shoot your video is directly proportional to the quality of the video? Better your camera presence, excellent your content looks. 

Indeed, for this, you need patience. No matter whether you shoot an outdoor video or create animations that best suit your script, you need to have a great camera presence. So, be calm, and get friendly with the camera. 

Use property sound effects.

Last but not least, a tip that will help you to create awesome videos is by making the best use of music and sound. Many of you might not be focusing on the sound quality, due to which the entire video quality gets affected. 

So, if you don’t want to make a huge difference in the quality of videos, make sure the sound is clear and does not distract the audience. 

There are various online platforms from which you can download the music and add it to your video. Being a video producer, you need to understand the role of sound in the video. Usage of the right tone will evoke the emotions of the audience and improve the content of your explainer video. 

Thus, make sure you locate a tune that directly fits the mood and takes your video to the next level. 

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Final Words

As the market for explainer videos is growing day by day, considering all the tips mentioned above will be helpful for you to create an impactful and compelling explainer video. 

Also, there are some added benefits that you will get to enjoy, such as it saves a lot of time for you, the investments in creating videos are comparatively less, and many more.

Therefore, considering explainer videos and creating the best one will help you in delivering real and measurable results for your company within a short duration of time.

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