Boost Your Chances at Landing a Job With a Referral

job referral

Once you start job hunting, there are many questions that come to mind: What to write about in your resume? How to present yourself well in an interview? What awaits you at the job? Your preparation at each stage of the recruitment process will impact your chances of hearing the coveted “You got the job!”.

While recruiters consistently have high expectations from you, often times the one thing setting you apart from other candidates is a referral.   Having a strong connection to vouch for you from within the company, strongly increases your chances of landing the job. Refer.Market is looking to make it easier for everyone to get that strong voice from within a company through a referral from an employee.

Advantages of a Referral

  • Increase the likelihood of receiving an interview
  • A better conversion ratio of landing a job
  • Hassle-free for job applicants

How To Get a Reliable Job Referral?

Refer.Market’s first-class matching algorithm connects you with a thoroughly- vetted employee, in a role similar to your interests, within your desired company.  The employee will then review your qualifications and submit a referral for you. Refer.Market’s growing network of referrers includes employees from dozens of companies and backgrounds, all of whom are prepared to support you.

Steps To Get a referral Through Refer.Market

Refer.Market makes it easy to find a referral with 4 simple steps:

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Step 1: Submit your referral request information.

Step 2: The referral matching algorithm searches for a suitable referrer. 

Step 3: If a match is found your referral application will be submitted. If a match cannot be found,Refer.Market provides you with detailed feedback on how to improve your chances of referral requests.

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Step 4: Refer.Market follows up with you to ensure that you receive an interview.

Why Choose Refer.Market?

With Refer.Market’s efficient matching algorithm and system in place, you get matched with a referral through which you have the highest chances of landing your desired job.

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