5 Applications You Mandatorily Need on Your iPhone

mandatory iphone applications

Smartphones are the center of our lives. They make it easy for us to carry on day-to-day routine tasks and make it easy for us to carry on our routine tasks with more ease. You need a lot more than just social media apps and mobile games on your phone.

The productivity and usability of mobile phones can be amplified using different privacy features, productivity tools, and learning apps. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the best iPhone applications that you need in your phone. 

Spectre Camera

There are a bunch of great photography apps for the iPhone. Of all these applications, the one that indeed left us speechless is the Spectre application.

In 2019, it was even awarded the Application of the Year (iPhone). The application is the creation of the same people who created the Halide Photo application. This application is designed to take phenomenal long exposure shots. 

One of Specter’s most spectacular things, which I truly love, is that it employs fancy artificial intelligence to steady your captured images, shares Ray, an educator who offers assignment help Brisbane servicesWell, yes, it is this AI, which makes the images look more detailed, sharp, and crisp, thereby producing neat effects.

What’s more? Spectre even lets you make the traffic or the passersby disappear from your captured photo. Overall, the application is recommended by us for its intuitive, fast, and impeccable interface.

You can also use the app to record a complete long exposure as a spectacular Live Photo. This is a paid application, and you will have to bear a few of 2.99 USD for it.  

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You can now get rid of the notepad and prevent yourself from the unnecessary hassle of remembering passwords for so many different applications or using the same unsafe password for all the websites or applications. How? With the use of an impeccable application, LastPass.

See, writing your passwords on a sheet of paper or having the same password for all your applications is unsafe from the POV of cybersecurity. With the use of an application like LastPass, you do not have to remember just one thing, that is, the master login.

All the other passwords can be saved in the app and can be auto-filled whenever needed. It is applicable to every website or social media platform that you use. 

Google Maps 

We know that you have the iPhone’s by default application for directions, that is, the Maps on your phone, but despite that, we recommend you to download the Google Maps on your phone, and it is for a reason. Only after a single usage of the Maps application will it become evident that its interface is not as friendly as you would want it to be.

Hence, if you seek an application that delivers what you need, you need to have Google Maps on your phone. Robert, an educator who offers online do my python homework services, says that I used Maps (by-default app) for a while, but when I switched to Google Maps, I could never go back to Maps.

Well, Maps does get a bit wacky during navigation and lands you in a soup, and nobody we believe has the patience and the time to deal with such things. What’s more? Even Tim Cook suggests every Apple user has Google Maps on their phone. 

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ASL application

It is a free application for iPhone users, which has been created to enable the users to learn the American Sign Language (ASL). This is an impeccable application, wherein you can find a myriad of videos, which help you know about the alphabets, phrases, and the different words, followed by their requisite gestures.

In the free version of the application, all the basics are covered. You can include all the advanced material in your application by shelling out a fee of 99-cents. Further, spending 9.99 USD will get you everything that this great application has on offer. 


We acknowledge and accept that Twitter is one of the worst ways to spend your time these days. However, if you find it hard to let it go, you will love the Tweetbot application. The application simplifies using Twitter. It will show you the tweets from the people you follow in the order in which the tweets have been made.

There will not be any promoted tweets or ads in between. The application also has some powerful features, such as mute filters.

As the name suggests, you can use them to cut out all the unwanted noise that you do not want on your feed. So, there will be no constant pings forcing you to come back to the app again and again.

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