DISH Partners With DraftKings For App Integration

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DISH Network makes the headlines again as it paves the way for the first of its kind; DraftKings is now coming to the Hopper DVR for DISH customers! But before sports fans get too excited, the app is slated to be available to all internet connected Hopper DVR users, but the betting function will only be limited to DISH customers that live within the 11 states in which sports betting is legal.The agreement between DISH Network and DraftKings includes DISH’s Sling TV, Boost Mobile and future 5G services, but didn’t state how DraftKings would be integrated with those services. We’ll just have to wait for more information as it comes available in the future.

This partnership is highly unusual and is the future of immersive multi screen entertainment. DISH Network has had to jump through quite a few hoops to comply with each individual state’s regulations and to get the required state gaming approvals to offer this integrated DISH Network and DraftKings experience. If sports betting is legal in your state and you can’t initiate bets or fantasy entries, it’s coming soon. DISH is still waiting on approval from some states. In fact, as sports betting transitions from being illegal to legal but regulated in more states, we can expect that additional states will be added in the future.

How Does DraftKings Work?

You can open and use the DraftKings app while you watch any live, on-demand or recorded DISH content, including all sporting events on channels you’ve subscribed to. Participants can to view betting odds, fantasy contents, initiate bets and contest entries directly from their TV within the DraftKings app.

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All DISH Network customers will need is a Hopper receiver and an internet connection to be able to access the DraftKings app. To sweeten the deal, DISH customers who also have the DISH Voice Remote can use voice commands like “Launch DraftKings” to get started.

If you’re one of the lucky customers that DraftKings has sports betting available, you can initiate bets and fantasy contest entries through the app. Then you’ll be sent a text message to your mobile device to complete the transaction within the DraftKings app on there. As of right now, you will need your mobile device to complete any transactions. Once you’ve finalized your transactions, you’ll be able to track them on the app right on screen. Unfortunately you won’t be able to start to finish within the DraftKings app on your Hopper. DISH Network customers can initiate bets for NBA, NCAA and the NHL from the app on their Hopper DVRs. There will be more sports leagues and additional features to come in the near future. Stay tuned for those updates.

One Stop Entertainment Hub, The DISH Hopper

The Hopper DVR aims to be a one stop entertainment hub and bringing DraftKings to the Hopper is just one more way that it brings a unified experience. The Hopper has other integrated experiences like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Pandora, and DISH Network’s very own Futbol 360 app.

Events Coming To DISH On DraftKings To celebrate this new relationship between DISH Network and DraftKings, there will soon be the DISH $1,000,000 Bracket Challenge. Participants will be able to create their own bracket on DISH for a chance to win $1,000,000! More details on this challenge will be coming soon. It’s unknown whether or not there

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