Five Small and Useful Tools Every Internet User Should Know

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Internet is the most useful thing in the world. It has so much to offer. The internet is a place where billions of people connect. Many of these people offer services to enhance the experience of others in the online world. They have some small tools that could be a great help. Here I have shared some of these tools that internet user should know.


The internet is fun, but advertisements make it annoying. A few ads were no problem on the side of a webpage, but internet marketing is getting more and more aggressing with time. For example, YouTube shows an advertisement while in the middle of the video.

On top of that, many people are advertising something within their content when we are looking for value. This is the reason why some good people came up with the idea of Adblocker. It is a great tool that hides all ads on the internet to make the user experience better. This will tool ensure that you see no ad whether it’s a poster on the side, a video, or a popup.

MP4 Converter

There are millions of videos on the internet and most of them on YouTube. First of all, we are not allowed to download most of these videos. Second, they are in a format that many devices can’t read even if we manage to download them somehow. This is where you can use mp4 converter to download YouTube videos in a format that will work on all kinds of devices. Usually, video processing takes hours in converting the format. However, this online tool gets the job done within seconds even if the video is in high definition and makes it available for download free of cost.

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HotSpot Shield

It’s the most famous Virtual Private Network (VPN) in the world. It allows you to access the internet without any limitations. It hides your identity and allows you to visit content that is blocked in your country. This is a useful tool now that the world knows that governments and other agencies are tracking and recording their data. Besides, there is no such thing as privacy on the internet. This gives you the freedom to see the truth yourself and not fall victim to false propagandas.


While YouTube is an amazing website, we all would love its audio version. YouTube doesn’t even allow us to minimize its tab on the mobile phone; otherwise, the video will stop. Many of us need to listen to music and audiobooks while on the go without watching the video. A simple solution is to visit 2conv and paste the link of the video to get it offline in an audio version.

Temp Mail

Many websites ask you to sign up before you can access their content. Unless we plan to visit them regularly, most of us don’t want to share our emails on the internet. You can use Temp Mail to get a temporary email address with an inbox to receive their confirmation email.

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